How to teach reading

We are working on an app that will present a printed word, a spoken word, and an image at the same time and with the same meaning.

A baby understands the spoken word very early.  You say daddy and the child points to his father.  And so on, with many words and sentences.  If you present an array of words and say one, can they point to that wordl  That is reading, comprehension of the printed word.  We do not know when the app will be ready, so we will have to improvise.

For the first session there will be 5 words chosen and for each word there will be an image and a spoken word.  You show the word and picture and the mother says the word.

Do this just once for each word.  Then show the child all the words.  Can they point to the right word when it was spoiken or shown If they can they were learning to read.Then run a second session through the words and test, and finally a third session.

Do not expect a child to verbalize what they can read now.  That will come later. We are dealing with reading in the pre speaking age.