Institute for Human AI Collaboration is devoted to developing the collaboration of Humans and AI.  Much is unclear because we are the trailblazers.  
IHAC is located in the Cloud, based on an Office 365 site at  Students at the institute will be given an Office account and will use it in the program.  It stars with basic training in how to interact with AI, which will be tutoring in the use of Office 365.

IHAC has plans in several project areas.  We are ready to share white papers on the interaction of Human and AI written by two AI systems.  They will talk to us about how they see the interaction.  I expect that to lead to a broad discussion as humans respond.

We want to explore music and art from the AI perspective, independently of how the AI was programmed
Education is an important part of ESF, and I have started to explore AI acting like an obstinate child.  The teacher learns to deal with such children under AI,
What happens when human and AI collaborate on a story?


If you want to join the program, follow this link:  Register for IHAC